Coral are more than just pretty-looking structures under the sea at some faraway vacation spot. The reefs are a critical part of the world's ecosystem. They provide oxygen we breathe, protect us against the full force of storms, and are vital to the 1 billion people who rely on them for food, jobs, tourism, and recreation.

The destruction of coral isn't some far-fetched scenario. The reefs are dying fast, due in large part to thermal stress from global warming, and chemical pollutants. Some experts say we might lose 90% of our reefs by 2050 without action. Just imagine the consequences!

One major (and avoidable) pollution contributor is chemical sunscreens. Most commercially available sunscreens contain ingredients such as oxybenzone that are harmful to coral and cause them to die. Not only are the chemicals harmful, but the plastic used in the packaging of most sunscreens contributes to ocean pollution and global warming.

To protect the ocean we love, we designed #SUNSCREEN. Our mission is twofold: to offer natural sun protection that is reef-safe and plastic-free. It's a little action that keeps the reefs and the ocean healthier. 

By switching to #SUNSCREEN, you are not only protecting coral from a deadly fate, but you are also keeping plastic out of the oceans that kills our marine life.

We are ocean lovers. We are reef protectors. We are #SUNSCREEN.


why reef-safe sunscreen matters